Data Entry and Data Processing Services

Attain 100% efficiency and propel business growth with data entry services

Outsourcing back office jobs to a reliable service provider is now a common practice as it is an effective means to save costs of setting up the back office infrastructure, staff recruitment and training. Easy to access and accurate business data is essential to make any informed decisions and to drive business growth. So, it is imperative for business organizations to gather accurate information as it enables them to assess their current and future objectives and become more productive and efficient.

IDS Logic’s Data entry and processing services help to manage your organization’s information in an efficient way. With years of experience in this arena, our executives are able to present important information in a visual, textual or tabular format so that it is useful for the client. We have expertise in data capture, data entry and data extraction projects and guarantee fast turnaround time and accuracy.

What we at IDS Logic offer:

Data entry: We are domain specialist having expertise to offer you with high quality data entry and management solutions. Our data entry experts guarantee over 99% accuracy and this helps you to attain cost saving of over 40%. Our services include:

  • Online and offline entry
  • Image data entry
  • Product data entry
  • Invoice and billing entry
  • Application forms data entry

Data processing: We help organizations to process information and present it in an accessible and digital format. This helps to manage information effectively and take critical and strategic business decisions.

  • Order entry and processing
  • Transaction data processing
  • Records indexing
  • Mailing list compilation

Data mining and conversion: We are adept at data mining and conversions of all formats and types. We analyze data from various resources and collate the information into useful business intelligence.

  • Data collection and integration
  • Pattern evaluation and data analysis
  • HTML, PDF and E-book conversion
  • Data file conversion-XML

Database management: We provide our clients with on-going maintenance and monitoring of their database while ensuring integrity of the data, security and avoidance of preventable incidents.

  • Database development and migration
  • CRM database management

Catalogue management: A well-organized and information rich catalogue offers the desired information to the shoppers about the products that they are willing to purchase.

  • Product data entry
  • Content uploading and editing
  • Updating and maintenance

Reasons to outsource Data entry services to IDS Logic

  • In-depth knowledge and years of experience
  • Skilled professionals who remain updated at all times
  • Ability to handle large volumes of data entry and processing work
  • 24X7 time zone advantage
  • Adherence to high quality data management norms
  • Great emphasis on data confidentiality and security
  • Customized and scalable services
  • Competitive pricing that suits every budget
  • In line with the latest technology to maintain efficiency

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