MI Organization Manager

For all those life science businesses that face trouble when it comes to territory alignment management, Organization Manager is the solution!

This CRM diagnostic, Life Sciences-specific roster and territory alignment solution is built with the aim of speeding up and optimizing sales territory alignment processes. With the help of this cutting-edge solution, organizations can achieve great operational effectiveness.

Power-Packed Performance with Incredible Features

This feature rich tool helps Life Sciences companies to maximize the effectiveness of the field sales force, with the help of the various built in capabilities possessed by this tool. Some of these capabilities are:

  • Alignment Manager
    Master source for CRMs, alignments and sales force hierarchy, future alignment simulation based on complex rules, total gain/loss calculations for each alignment change, field dedicated alignment request and approval, available on the tablet
  • Employee Roster
    Day-to-day operational task management, including new hire, transfer, and temporary coverage management, flexible and rich data model meeting complex sales organization needs, historical repository for compliance and compensation issues
  • Product Roster
    Product catalog management - past, present and future, relationships between the products and sales teams, consolidated product master view available anytime, anywhere

How does Organization Manager benefit Life Sciences Companies?

Being a cloud-based solution, Organization Manager can easily support multi-country companies and assists in reducing costs as well as the administrative burdens that a company has to encounter.

This single reference source for Sales Operations and Field is an extremely important tool that centralizes all alignment information into a single repository which can be easily integrated with other systems, such as CRM and HR systems. Thus, this tool proves beneficial when it comes to helping companies enjoy reduced cost, improved accuracy, and greater productivity.

Some other benefits offered by this framework are:

  • Easy alignments based on the customer geography, specialty, affiliation, rating and product
  • A comprehensive warehouse containing information and knowledge about the past, current and future customer, employee as well as product alignments
  • Integrated data sourced from multiple information systems
  • Efficient integration with master data, HR System, CRM or DWH
  • Hassle free resolution of employee compensation and compliance issues
  • Effective planning and optimization of new sales cycles alignments
  • Easily adjustable alignment criteria and configuration capabilities
  • Easy review and comparison of information related to sales force allocation
  • Stress free management of everyday operational tasks such as new hires, transfers, etc.
  • Efficient product catalog management containing future, current and past information
  • Convenient management of relationships between the products and the sales teams
  • Access to consolidated product master view, from anywhere and at anytime