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What is MI PC?

MI PC is a comprehensive CRM solution for Home Office and Customer Service workstation users. The solution is created to deliver efficient and effective Contact Center functionality for multichannel interactions, multimedia CLM content management as well as integrated analysis and reporting facilities.

With this high end and state of the art one stop framework, users can easily track and manage inbound & outbound customer interaction activity, obtaining a holistic customer view.

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How is it different from the rest of the MI Tools?

This multi-channel system is fully loaded with some impressive features, giving the life sciences businesses freedom and flexibility to connect with their customers.

With the help of MI PC users can enjoy various benefits. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Better and improved customer insights by filtering the existing customers and opportunities to reach out to the potential customers
  • Hassle-free case management, follow-up and routing capabilities for quick reference and smooth access
  • Social CRM collaboration, that goes beyond the usual system collaboration
  • Shared customer centric view
  • Access to strong customer and product insights in the field
  • Assurance of high end security through the creation of contact center roles and their management by security groups
  • Actionable reports that result in improved decision making
  • Integration with a powerful analytics solution
  • Speedy and streamlined search
  • Availability of nine actionable reports for supervisors and administrators
  • Rules define access to case information by the users
  • Easy case creation, details, sent items and fast access to the case history
  • Actionable dashboards as well as proficient organization of cases
  • Printing and sharing of documents, without any difficulty
  • Multiple questions and/or FAQs for each case with responsibility as well as the respective status assigned at the specific question level
  • Access to shared library, through which pre-configured authenticated email templates and reports can be managed and retrieved effortlessly
  • Real time collaboration and well organised, seamless communication with the targeted customers
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