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Helping Deliver Content Seamlessly Across Multiple Websites

Managing multiple websites with intuitive content that helps to offer an engaging experience to the customers may at times be difficult. if you want elevated experience and a truly modern digital experience from a single interface, then Sitefinity CMS is the best. Sitefinity helps to manage multiple websites and microsites through a single interface from where you can easily manage the content conveniently.

At IDS Logic, we have expert Sitefinity professionals who can take care of your digital assets and offer multisite management without any hassles. Our multisite management services allow you to control all your web and mobile properties from a single platform while maintaining the consistency and brand identity across various channels. We allow business owners across geographies the ability to easily update their site with region specific changes to maintain the relevance.

Create New Sites:

If you want to expand your business and want some additional sites in Sitefinity, then our team of developers and designers can easily help you to create new websites using the templates and widgets of the original site. Your sites may support Multilanguage and we create responsive layouts that offer an enhanced user experience through various browsers and devices.


Control Access and Permissions:

To control access and permissions related to different groups, we manage multiple sites by giving user specific permissions based on their levels, which can be either narrowed or even widened according to the job demands. We help you to control the access and permissions of various websites from a single platform. Granular permissions offer authorization and helps to maintain security and control of all assets.

Sharing Content Between Sites:

With our Sitefinity multisite management services, you can now easily share web content between different websites from a single interface and manage things effectively. We can help you to switch between sites, reuse the forms and templates while maintaining consistency between all the sites.

Single Site to Multi-Site Migration:

If you have a single Sitefinity site setup, then our experts can help you to convert it to a multisite through the syncing and staging module. With this, you can easily transfer all your existing data, templates, pages, users and roles to the new instance. If in case you already have multiple websites, then you can easily migrate it to Sitefinity with a single login and all the permissions are also carried forward to the new instance.

If you are planning to invest in sitefinity multisite solutions, then call us today and talk to our experts for more information!

Single Site to Multi-Site Migration
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